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Effect pedals designed specifically for the harp player. 

Featuring the absolute best tone production with absolutely no loss or negative effect to your tone.

These are the only effect pedals on the market designed specifically for harp.



Born out of a love for the blues and a lifetime desire to be able to play music, Randy Landry began learning blues harp and anyone who has ever played harp knows that as a natural part of the process you will became interested in vintage tube amps. Being an electronic tech by trade (27 yrs exp.) and having began his electronic education by studying vacuum tube amplification in ancient times past; he purchased some test equipment, obtained a Silvertone 1482 in disrepair and began restoration.

He enjoyed the process so much that he began a quest to build the perfect tube amp designed specifically for blues harp. he purchased an old tube stereo chassis and built a test bed to mock up and test my designs. The blues harp player is unique in that he typically uses a microphone connected to a guitar amp which has too much gain for a mic which causes feedback issues and if that isn't bad enough the frequency response is too high. He has worked extensively to engineer a preamp to overcome these problems and match it to a final stage to give the harp player the tone and range in distortion that they love.
Returning to his roots in electronics has been very rewarding. Over the last few years he has re-educated himself in the world of vacuum tubes, reading tons of technical material and designing amps as well as filtering out fact from myth. For those interested, the technical writings of Norman Crowhurst are about the best you can find, filled with facts and explanation in common sense audio amp design.

Looking for a new project he decided to build a delay designed for harp. He did his due diligence as they say and came up with the HARP DELAYŽ and decided to send it around for some opinions and everything came back positive; so he decided to offer it to the harp community.


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