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The Mojo Pad greatly reduces feedback with any amplifier utilizing a high gain preamp design; basically, any and all guitar amps. The Mojo Pad works by counteracting the high gain in the preamp of the amplifier by padding down the signal before it enters the amp. This allows the amplifier to achieve greater volume and opens up the tone control settings on the amp for a greater range of operation. The Mojo Pad is bi-directional; it does not have a designated IN and OUT and it does not need power. The Mojo Pad is to be installed as the last device before your signal enters the amplifier. It has a 10 megohm input impedance, which is great for all high impedance microphones, especially those with crystal elements.

Remember the Mojo Pad is intended for amplifiers with high gain preamps; these amplifiers typically have 12AX7 tubes at the input. The Mojo Pad also works with any solid state amp. With the Mojo Pad, there is no need for tube swapping.

The Mojo Pad is not recommended for harmonica specific amplifiers, meaning amplifiers built for use with harmonica and microphone or amplifiers whose preamp tubes have been replaced with low gain preamp tubes.


1.  Greatly reduces or eliminates feedback
2.  Unaffected tone
3.  IN and OUT reversible
4.  No power required
5.  More volume from your amp
6.  Tone controls will have improved range
7.  10 megohm high impedance input


Review from a satisfied customer

Kim White (Sebastopol California ) - April 20th 2016

The Mojo Pad came yesterday and it totally tamed this fender hot rod deville. I did exchange the 12AX7 tubes for 12AY7's yet it still is such a powerful amp that I couldn't turn it up in my living room for that way cool tone. With the Mojo Pad, I was able to turn it up a lot more, and I mean a Lot more than before and was digging what I was hearing. Next, I plugged it into my copy of a 59 Pro I built which is a 20 watt amp, and again, in the living room i was able to turn it up all the way for total tube saturation. In the case of the pro, I did have to hold my mic right in front of the speaker to make it feedback. Now this is not a feedback eliminator yet pads down the signal going into ones amp so you can turn it up more and have the all around volume come out at a much lesser degree with More tube saturation. In the case of the pro, I probably wouldn't use it in a large room but for a more powerful amp like the hot rod deville, I most assuredly would.