An outboard active tone control

to fatten your tone

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The Lone Wolf Harp Tone+ is the answer for those who want a bassier tone, a fat bottom, more depth, for those who want to keep their vintage amp original and unmodded, those who are tired of trying all of the different combinations of tube brands and types and those who are tired of chasing that silver bullet mod that promises to make their amp a great harp amp. The Harp Tone+ really stands out with tongue blockers, chording and train rhythm; higher keyed harps suddenly have depth you have never heard before.

The Harp Tone+ is essentially a 2-band equalizer with a range of 20db in gain to a reduction of 20db in level for both bass and treble frequencies. You can increase or decrease your bass and treble frequencies as well as lower your volume to control feedback or increase your volume if you want a little gain for solo's. The Harp Tone+ does not eliminate feedback but it does help control it and it has a true bypass. Give yourself more control over your tone by being able to set your bass, treble and volume levels more easily with the Harp Tone+

Why 20db in gain? The 20db in gain for bass frequencies is necessary because they are so low in comparison to the mids and the highs that are produced in harps, they are there but they are at a very low level. This pedal is ideal for increasing bass frequencies in you tone, it is ideal for amps with no tone control, increasing volume for solo's, for decreasing feedback and for giving the harp player more control over his tone when playing into a PA

The Harp Tone+ improves any guitar amp for use with harp. How? By addressing the shortcomings of the guitar amplifier itself; the coupling caps, the excessive preamp gain and speakers that do not have a good bass response. The Harp Tone+ provides the gain necessary to drive bass frequencies through the low value coupling capacitors, if feedback is a problem and the amp starts to feedback too early due to the excessive preamp gain found in all guitar amps then by lowering the volume on the Tone+ you can counter that excessive gain and now turn the amp volume up to a much higher level where the volume control setting will not be as critical in relation to feedback. Plus, if you have a speaker that is poor on bass response you will now be able to push it harder with higher-level bass frequencies and bring it to life and if you have a vintage amp without tone controls or has an inadequate tone control you can now have a quality tone control without expensive mods to your amp.

How does the Harp Tone+ make any mic a better mic? The ultra high input impedance, the gain available in the bass frequency range and the volume control that helps control feedback or add volume whichever your needs are.


 1. Bass Control
2. Treble Control
3. Volume Control
4. 9vdc Input (barrel with negative center)
5. True Bypass
6. Effect ON/OFF LED
7. High Impedance Inpu

8. Reverse Polarity Protection