Awesome delay that adds a range of echo from the tiled room effect to slap-back to a distancing echo to a dry signal that is lightly filtered to reduce feedback.

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To my knowledge this is the first delay designed for harp offered to the public, it is not a tone sucking modelled guitar delay but a tone enhancing harp delay. The dry portion of the signal passes through a buffered input and high value coupling capacitors assuring maximum bass response along with slight filtering of the treble frequencies. The echo portion passes through 5 low pass filters to provide maximum warmth. This is a digital delay that has all of the warmth of an analog delay and then some.

The circuit is centred around a chip that has a low noise rating, < -90dbv, low distortion, < 0.5%thd, 44k digital processing and is capable of up to 300ms delay. The input is FET buffered for high impedance to provide proper loading for your favourite crystal or cm mic. The delay has a true bypass; the gain has been reduced to prevent solid-state distortion and is balanced to have an overall gain of 1x so that the level is the same when bypassed. The warmth comes from the superior bass response, distortion free performance and the filtering which reduces the highs more on every repeat providing the effect of a distancing echo. This delay has an even better roll-off in high frequencies than the Boss analog delay. The delay operates off of a 9 volt battery or a 9vdc power supply plus it has added filtering to prevent noise generated from improperly filtered power supplies and reverse polarity protection. The battery is switched off when an external power supply is used and the LED is on when the delay is in and is off when the delay is in bypass. The mic IN jack acts as the on/off switch. The Harp Delay© is guaranteed to please even the most die-hard analog delay fan.