Have you had the situation where you had to buy a birthday or Christmas gift for someone who just seems to have it all and did not know what to get for them?

Why not give a gift voucher for music lessons?

  • What a wonderful gift, the gift of music.

  • What an achievement it is to master a musical instrument

  • This gift can last a lifetime

  • It isn't expensive but is packed with value

  • The one on one personal training is quite intensive

  • The instrument doesn't cost a lot

  • A Harmonica is very portable and will easily fit in your pocket

  • You don't have to know how to read music

  • It is highly versatile : folk, county, rock, blues, jazz and even classical styles

  • Its unique! How many people play the guitar, how many play the Harmonica?

  • You will expand your understanding of music

  • Its a cool instrument to play because it will be YOUR sound, YOUR style

  • Most of all... IT'S FUN!

Have a chat with one of the friendly and experienced staff at the Harp Attack Harmonica School of Western Australia and see what a difference the fun of an easy to play, easy to learn musical instrument can make to someone.

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