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The Waifs "Crazy Train"

Charlie McCoy "Orange Blossom"

Carlos del Junco "Highlights from a set at Toronto Jazz Festival "

Howard Levy "The Evanston Express" Sample - Acoustic Chicago"

Svanng- Kua Kua Kome Kiki "Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Band"

Brendan Power & Andrew White "Talk about the Moon"

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee "Livin With the Blues"

James Cotton "Slow Blues"

Jerry Portnoy "Blues in a Dream"

Jeff Solon, Durango, Colorado

Brad Capper and Mark Dixon  "Wammer Jammer"

John Sebastian and Annie Raines  "Orange Dude Blues"

Brad and David Capper  "Rain is Falling Down"

Rick Steele at the Perth Blues Club 2011 "Legends on the Loose Show"

Brandon Bailey  "Harmonica Jam"

Carey Bell at the International Jazz Festival 2001

Susan Sauter - Just amazing

Brad Capper & Mark Dixon "I'll be Gone"

Capper Bros Live at the National Hotel Fremantle  "Live for Today!"

Tom Walbank live at the 17th Street Market 2007

Brendan Power  "The Maids of Mitchelstown"

Billy Joel  "Piano Man"

Steven Tyler's Best Harmonica Playing

Akemi Iwama - Up to 3 Harmonicas simultaneously "Transcendental Harmonica Player"

Best of Ennio Morricone

Juzzie Smith - Harmonica Jam

Graham McClelland - Amazing blues Harp solo

Jimi Lee,  RJ Mischo,  Billy Gibson "Pocket Full of Soul"

Todd Parrott  "I'll fly away"

Lee Oskar - 25th Anniversary Tour 2008 "Low Rider"

Greg Zlap - Excellent Live Solo

Carlos Del Junco - HOHNER Masters of the Harmonica

Brendan Power - "The Drunken Landlady"

Howard Levy - Solo (2012)

Charlie Musselwhite " Way I Feel"

Jason Ricci and the New Blood  " Way I Hurt Myself"

Little Charlie and the Nightcats  " Hurry up and Wait"

Rod Piazza and the Might Flyers  " Mellow Down Easy"

Kim Wilson - Solo

Dennis Gruenling "Lookin' Sharp"

Billy Branch & the Sons of the Blues  "Going Down Slow"

Mark Hummel - Blues Blow Out 2014

Adam Gussow "Crossroads Blues" 2010

Sonny Boy Williamson I "Nine Below Zero"

Bruce Willis - Gett'n Down and Live on Stage  "Devil Woman"

Walter (Shakey) Horton   "All Star Boogie"

Paul Butterfield - Live on Stage

George (Harmonica) Smith  "Juke"

Jimmy Reed   "You Got Me Running"

Sugar Blue   "Don't Start Me Talkin"

Toots Thielemans   "I loves you Porgy"

Ron Kalina live at the 2010 NAMM

Hendrik Meurkens  "Up Jumped Spring"

Les Thompson

Mike Turk Quartet  "Batida Diferenten"

Richard Hunter - Solo

Bill Barrett " Harmonica Hell"

Marcus Millius " Up a Lazy River"

Bob Dylan - Solo

John Sebastian Live at Woodstock

Steve Wonder - Harmonica Solo

Larry Adler  "Roumanian Rhapsody"

Tommy Morgan  "Rayners Theme"

Robert Bonfiglio  "As Time Goes By"

Eddy Manson - Solo

William Galison " My One and ONLY LOVE"

Dave Gage "Stuck by Thunder"  - Hard Rock Version

Dave McKelvy Trio "Harmonica Boogie"